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Jayaprana and Layonsari (A traditional story from Bali)

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A Balinese Love Story

Once, in a village in the State of Kalianget, Bali, there lived a poor family. The family consisted of a couple who had two sons and a daughter. Family life is very alarming because it is always suffering. The family's woes increasing when a disease attacked the village and plague caused the death four people from the family died. The only member of the family who survived was the youngest boy named Jayaprana who was still child.
Jayaprana become an orphan. Therefore not robust living alone, the boy ventured to the king and begged Kalianget appointed royal servant. Jayaprana was lucky because King Kalianget fulfill his request. Since then, Jayaprana serve the King Kalianget. However, Jayaprana relics remain at parents’ home. He was a good man and very diligent. Everything in the morning he had gone to the palace to assume his duties as a servant of the king. Not surprisingly, he became a king's favorite servant.
Time was passing. Jayaprana has grown into a handsome young man. That's why he became a favorite of the palace maids. At one point, King was ordained Jayaprana to choose a court lady's maid to be his wife. However, it seems Jayaprana prefer to find a wife from outside the palace.
"Please, Your Majesty! Servant is not intended to reject the word of the king. Servant wants to get married, but not with the palace maids, "said Jayaprana with respect," If permitted, permit servants to seek a wife outside the palace servants. "
"Well Jayaprana if that's what you want. I was not going to stop you to choose a wife according to the choice of your heart, "said King Kalianget.
Such approval, the next day Jayaprana walks to the market located in front of the palace. Arriving at the market, he inadvertently sat down in front of the market, watching the girls passing in front of him. Not long after, it appears from a distance of a girl wearing a walking pitch is quite simple. She had a beautiful face and sweet smile and charm. The girl walked to the market, looking down shyly and glanced around her eyes occasionally. Jayaprana was stunned when he saw that beautiful girl.
"Oh, she was really beautiful and fascinating," said Jayaprana in the heart with awe, "Who was her and where she came from?"
The beauty of Loyansari really captivates Jayaprana. His gaze continued to follow her to roll over in front of him. In the meantime, feel cared Loyansari who suddenly shifted his gaze to the Jayaprana. Any pair of eyes met and greeted each other as if speaking to each other. Although no words were revealed, they speak the language of the soul. There is no doubt that the expression of love with the language of the soul is more honest, sincere, and candid. That which is felt by Jayaprana and the girl.
First sight it has made them fall in love with each other. However, as a young Jayaprana certainly hope that love does not run aground in the middle of the road. Similarly felt by the girl. Because it is not in the imagination, but incarnated in reality, then when Jayaprana smile to the girl, she was back. Apparently they love tit for tat, their love is interwoven in the deepest depths as the proverb that says, "when love has unraveled so act, love is perfect like a tree, its roots in the hearts, stems upright in word ".
After she passed, and slipped behind a crowd of people in the market, Jayaprana immediately seek information about her to people around him. After obtaining the information that the girl was named Loyansari, daughter of Jero Bendesa Banjar Sekar, he was rushed back to the palace to report to the King Kalianget. Hearing the report, King Kalianget immediately wrote a letter to Jero Bendesa.
"Tomorrow morning you across this letter to her parents' house" Said of the King Kalianget.
"Yes, sire," Jayaprana replied.
The next day, early morning Jayaprana deliver a letter from the king's to Jero Bendesa. After reading the letter and know its contents, Jero Bendesa also agreed that if his daughter married with Jayaprana. The letter was then he told his daughter, who was sitting beside him.
"What about my daughter, would you marry with Jayaprana?" Said Jero Bendesa to his daughter.
Loyansari just smiled shyly. Although not a word spoken from the mouth, but Jayaprana understand that his love not one hand clapping. After that, Jayaprana back to the palace to deliver the good news to the King Kalianget.
"Please, Your Majesty! Applications received by the family servant girl, " Jayaprana reported.
Hearing the report, King Kalianget was immediately announced to the family court that the marriage Jayaprana with Loyansari will be held on Tuesday, Legi, Wuku Brass in the courtyard. To that end, the king then ordered the duke and courtier to establish centers for the purposes of the man of her beloved's wedding.
When the wedding day arrives, Jayaprana with the duke and courtier as well as the villagers go to the home Jero Bendesa to fetch her. After going through various kinds of ceremonies at his house, the bride and groom then accompanied by the castle by using joli. When the wedding party arrived at the palace, the bride and groom down from the palanquin to invoke the blessing of the King Kalianget. When the bride and groom bow before him, the king is only silence. He was struck by the beauty of Loyansari. Apparently, King Kalianget fell in love with his servant's wife. From there comes the bad intention to seize Loyansari of Jayaprana.
After the wedding is over, Jayaprana was pleading with his wife to return to his home. After they left, the King Kalianget ask his governor consideration of how to kill Jayaprana quietly.
"If Loyansari not immediately be my wife, then I would be crazy," said King Kalianget already romantic couple.
Listening to the king, a duke named I Saunggaling give consideration decreed that the king should ask Jayaprana to go to Celuk to investigate destroyed boats and people who shoot animals at Pengulan region. This plan is just a ploy so that they can kill Jayaprana life without the known of others, including Loyansari. Consideration of governor Saunggaling was also received by the king.
A few days later, she called the King Kalianget Jayaprana to overlook. Got the call, Jayaprana the king was soon facing a very respected.
"Please, Your Majesty. What was the servant were asked to face? "Said Jayaprana while saluting.
"There are important tasks for you. Tomorrow morning you must go to Celuk to investigate a boat that ran aground and disorders that occur there! "Command of the king.
Without feeling the slightest suspicion, Jayaprana just received the order and immediately returned to his home to deliver the news to his wife. Hearing the news, Loyansari suddenly got a bad feeling. Moreover, he had a dream last night saw their homes washed away by floods. Due to bad address that she requested that he should cancel his departure to Celuk.
"Kanda, Kanda intention should just undo it. I worried something unexpected happens on the self-Kanda, "said Loyansari worried.
"No, Dear. This is order of the king. I had to leave, "said Jayaprana," don’t worry, there's death at the hands of God. "
The next day, Jayaprana went to Celuk with GovernoorI Saunggaling and a number of soldiers. As they pass through a dense forest, I Saunggaling stabbed Jayaprana by order of King Kalianget. After that, Saunggaling with his entourage returned to the palace to convey the false news that Jayaprana killed by robbers.
After hearing the news, Loyansari was indirectly untrusted the news. She knew that her husband was murdered on the orders of the king. Still, he could not do anything about it because it is helpless against the king herself. He could only pray that the evil King Kalianget got a reply from the Almighty God.
The next day, the King came to see Loyansari. In the presence of his servant's wife, she pretends to be saddened by the death Jayaprana. After that, he tried to seduce to want to be queen. However, Loyansari declined with smooth words.
"I'm sorry, my lord. I cannot forget my husband" replied Loyansari.
Hear the refusal answer, the king became furious. He immediately pulled the hand of Loyansari to go with him to the palace. At that time, Loyansari revoke a dagger which tucked in King's waist.
"Better to die than be slaves to marry someone who had killed my husband," she said as she stabbed herself with the Kris.
The King was about to catch him, but the body of Loyansari was lying on the ground. See her death, the king had become desperate. He was immediately attacked every person who approached him. The incident lasted for days, so many people become victims because dagger stab. King Kalianget behavior is really disturbing all the people of the country. Finally, the royal courtier of the king decided to arrest and put in jail.

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